Big data. Small data.
We love organising customer data for use with greater relevance in campaigns and messaging.

Data Management

XCOM is built on our experience in designing, managing and operating complex and large volume datasets, providing professional services and technology to deliver experiences that are more engaging and relevant.

We go to great lengths to ensure that every initiative has defined Key Performance Indicators and metrics for success, building in analytics to measure program or platform performance. Our measurement expertise spans Web, campaign and social analytics, which are often made available to clients as interactive online dashboards.

Our work also includes evaluating customer relationship management. We look at how customer data profiles can be used to create a better, more relevant experience for users that strengthens their connection to the brand.

XCOM data services include:

  • Website Analytics Consulting and Technical Guidance
  • Email Marketing Data Management and Reporting
  • Database design, development, database administration and data processing
  • Behavioural tracking and data warehouse management and use of in retargeting, remarketing and automated marketing
  • CRM, Database integration for email marketing and multichannel marketing (SQL, MYSQL, ORACLE, DB2, Terradata and others)
  • Scalable cost effective database and website hosting services, micro-site and subscription form hosting solutions including iframe and API services to deliver subscription updates from brand websites
  • Business rules and automated data processing and manual data washing services
  • Integration and use of data in social, viral, mobile and email marketing campaigns
  • Data segmentation, analysis, interpretation and insights generation