Email Marketing is one of the undisputed ROI leaders for digital marketers.

Email Marketing

A strategic approach to building a tactical email program makes a measurable difference to subscriber acquisition, engagement and retention.

Email Marketing is one of the undisputed ROI leaders for digital marketers and XCOM has 15 years’ experience delivering sophisticated on-premise and cloud-based email solutions, using best in class email and marketing automation platforms.

Email is no longer siloed, instead it is a key component of a data and marketing communications strategy. Email, CRM, analytics, and other digital channels combine to provide data driven user engagement.

Our team has years of experience implementing, designing and building industry-leading programs for some of the regions largest brands. These include:
Strategy to define the objectives, measures and strategic direction of the program to ensure maximum value and relevance is delivered to the audience, focusing on creative, data, engagement, reporting, automation and customer experiences.
Best Practice Email Templates
Best practice email template design and development for templates ranging from the most simple campaigns to the most complex dynamically driven campaigns ensuring the campaign is compliant across all of the major email clients.
Communications Planning
Communications planning to ensure the right message is delivered to the right subscribers at the right time to stimulate the desired results.
Email Campaign Management
Email Campaign Management through concept, implementation and launch.
Database and Data Management
Database development, systems integration and data source management is a fundamental piece of the email marketing puzzle. XCOM has vast experience developing and directly connecting asnd integrating CRM and core database environments to support email programs for large brands.
Targeting and Dynamic Content
Targeting and dynamic content to deliver heavily personalised email campaigns using subscriber profile or behavioural segmentation information to deliver highly targeted content with maximum relevance, interest and impact.
Preference Centre
User preference centre design, development and subscription management technology.
Lifecycle Marketing Programs
Marketing Automation – enabling brands to deploy automated multi-step messaging campaigns. Allows marketers to easily design and deploy high ROI, automated best practice multi-stage dialogs such as those associated with welcome, cart abandon, lead nurture, and win-back programs.
Email Marketing Technology
XCOM leverages its extensive experience by partnering with SendGrid, OtherLevels and Marketing Clouds to deliver the next generation of sophisticated, scalable digital engagement.
Deliverability Management
Deliverability Management to ensure messages are delivered to the inbox, including SPAM scoring, feedback loop management, subscriber and email ISP/vendor management relationships.
A/B and Multivarient Testing
A/B and Multivariate testing for email performance optimisation including subject lines and content.
Consultancy and Tactical Advice
Consultancy and Tactical Advice Campaign metrics and analytics, reporting, trend analysis and recommendations for ongoing improvement..